DVDylan ID: D1062
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Springfield, Massachusetts, USA/Symphony Hall
Date: Monday, 2nd February 1998

This is yet another film from the trusty hand of Tom P., sourced from the master Hi8 videotape. It's unfortunately incomplete and suffers from frequent obstructions, unsteady patches, and cuts. Despite the challenges, Mr. P. managed to capture enough video for the disk author to work with, and did so with enough panning and zooming to give all the players their due. The stellar upgrade soundtrack also mitigates the deficiencies, so it's definitely worth a look and listen by fans of Dylan's excellent Winter 1998 tour. Dylan is wearing a large white cowboy hat, so the shot from the high left balcony affords few shots of our man's face. But there's no mistaking the power of his songs and delivery, most notably on display during the acoustic set and "Can't Wait." A special treat for me is "Shooting Star," a song that grows more poignant as the years pass by.

4+ Stars

Reviewed by yassou on 06th December 2012