DVDylan ID: D037.sse
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Philadelphia, PA/First Union Center
Date: Friday, 15th November 2002

This is one of the first Bob dvds I obtained after joining this site. I seen Bob on this tour at the A.J. Palumbo Center in Pittsburgh on November 8th. The Fall 2002 tour is my favorite year of Bob and this dvd does a great job of representing this tour. "End of the Innocence", "Brown Sugar" and "Shelter From The Storm" all cook. Not to mention the Warren Zevon songs. All of the great songs really make this one that you have to watch over and over again and the audio being and surround sound is just icening on the cake. Im sure fans old and new will enjoy this one.

Reviewed by wcboy77 on 16th January 2008

One of the first DVD's I got and soundupgraded and I really like the result, sound is dead on and the band is in great shape. Recommended.

Reviewed by Jonathan on 09th February 2006

"I'm well dressed...", and he is. Taking the stage in his black jacket, with accents on the collar and the pockets, Bob kicks it in gear with a high energy "Maggie's Farm", tapping out a hard driving rhythm that hints of Jerry Lee or Little Richard Bob sets the tone for this exuberant show, well deserving the terrific surround sound labor of love. (Big thank you to whoever)
Bob's articulation of lyrics at this show is good, and his voice seems strong as our "Minstrel King" bemoans.."Fools, they make a mock of sin, our loyalty they try to win. You were closer to me than my next of kin, THEY didn't want to know or see".
The DVD features a rare performances of Po'Boy and Bob's soulful rendition of Don Henleys "The End Of The Innocence". Bringing loud accolades from his elated fans.
Once again Bob delights his audience, treating them to more than they paid for as he jams through 20 songs. - Watch for the little kick Bob does in "Shelter From The Storm", as the harmonies and the music just absolutely hit it! Yea...a!
If you don't already have this great show, track it down. If you do, take it out and watch it again.

Reviewed by Isayitagain on 17th August 2004

Great sound, decent video, but it is pretty distant. It's a show that's worth owning and nice enough, but not likely to change anybody's life. Me, I'm a sucker for piano Bob and I'm glad I got it... Hey, how many shows include "Po Boy" anyhow?

Reviewed by Joe1235 on 30th June 2004