DVDylan ID: D034
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Kanata Corel Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date: Tuesday, 13th August 2002

Good recording (steady camera, filmed from a balcony slightly on the left side of the stage) of a good, but not special show. Dylan, wearing a dark Cowboy hat, seems to be in not too good mood and even annoyed at times, though there are some intense moments during a bunch of songs, of which a thundering "īTil I Fell in Love with You" maybe surprisingly is the highlight, at least for me. The camera focusses on Dylan mainly in medium shot so that thereīs at least one other musician (mostly Larry) in the picture throughout. One can see pretty well how everyone on stage responds to each other - maybe especially well on a show thatīs somewhat "average". I always enjoy watching it.
Sadly the recording starts only during the third song, "Tangled Up in Blue".

Reviewed by honestwithme on 20th December 2003