DVDylan ID: D025.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: The Rage, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Date: Wednesday, 13th May 1998

This was my first Dylan live recording I watched and it definitely was worth it. I am a big fan of Dylan's performances from 1998 on audio and this performance is definitely one of the highlights of the year. The video quality is very nice and the audio upgrade is pretty solid. I would recommend this to any Bob fan

Reviewed by hallyyu on 17th January 2008

This show ranks among the very best of the post-Time Out of Mind, pre-Love and Theft catalog, and we are fortunate that excellent video and audio sources were available for use in the production of this DVD. It features a rare "Not Fade Away" in the opening slot. Dylan had won the 1998 Album of the Year Grammy for Time Out Of Mind earlier that year, and had mentioned the influence of Buddy Holly on his own career in his acceptance speech. He was 17 years old and had seen Buddy at the Duluth National Guard Armory on January 31, 1959, just three days before the plane crash that took his life. "I was three feet away," Dylan said, "and he looked at me." The use of stills of Buddy on the title menu and in the slide show to fill the clipped video on "Not Fade Away" are meant to highlight that influence, giving us the opportunity to have Buddy "look at us all" while we watch Dylan dramatically salute a seminal song and a major rock pioneer.

Reviewed by yassou on 27th April 2006

It is not very often, in fact amlost never, will I give a DVD a 5 star rating. I belive that our duty to this website, and the entire trading community, is to be as honest as possible with ourselves, and our reviews. For better or worse, these reviews will serve as the only "official" record of thier contents and so-on. With that being said, this DVD rates as one of the best disks in the catolouge.

#D025 was already a fantastic document, with a beautiful menu, and the set list to compliment such an intimate setting. With this dynamic sound upgrade, we now have a chance to truly enjoy a fresh and crisp sounding audio to accompany the woderful video source already captured.

In my previous review of #D025, I have detailed some of my highlights for this spectacular show, however, I will re-state that "Stone Walls and Steel Bars" shows Mr. Bob in fantastic form, and leading what would become an acustic re-birth in the years to follow. ('99-01). Other highlights are mentioned by many others and in my previous review, so please check them all out.

Again, it is my absolute pleasure to review this fine document of Bob Dylan, during one of his finest club tour periods. If there is any doubt for a newcomer on where to start, look no further than this DVD. You will not be dissapointed.

Thanks again yassou, you have truly brought this DVD life yet again!

Reviewed by bluesguy on 25th April 2006

A valuable addition to the catalog, #D025.su comes highly recommended, 5 stars for an excellent product.

Video source is clear, steady, and dynamic. colors and focus close to perfect save very slight washout from the stagelights. much of the film frames Dylan waist up, with Tony hard rockin over his shoulder. Longshots show the Band filling the small stage, and as has been written about this film before, really capture the small venue vibe. I consider it a coup that this film was pulled off at all in such a small venue, let alone the excellent product that resulted. Congratulations and thanks to the intrepid cameraman.

Audio source is fine audience recording. A/V sync on this soundupgrade is fine work, only a few moments where sync is lost. subtle insertion of stills helps maintain the flow.
As with #D595.su, also from this authors hand, hopefully this wonderful SU will help bring much deserved exposure to this potentially overlooked gem in the catalog.

A great show, Dylan dressed like some Country Squire delivers energetic and precise performances. Extended boogies from Bob on Silvio. I'm Not Supposed To Care is spot on, as is It's All Over Now Baby Blue, and most of the rest of the set as well. Lots of enthusiastic action nicely captured.

As it's probably as much fun for the performers as for the fans to take a break from larger venues, this show had to be a win-win event. And now thanks to everyone involved in bringing it out in this excellent form we can all share in this 'little victory song'.

Reviewed by jman on 20th April 2006