DVDylan ID: D977
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Liverpool, England, UK/King's Dock
Date: Thursday, 12th July 2001

I was there, my first BD concert w/H.

I recall the fullish deal as we were very close , so I got the big Oscar knee bent smile, the other important/unimportant stuff.
I missed the 'Taking A Break?' moment. It happened, but believe I it to be completely unfair/malfair/infair

I think Larry was nothing but an asset - clever and cool and all at a time when (again) it was Bob Dylan heads to the pit.

It was a strong show and I wish I'd had the opportunity to remind Bob Dylan that a hat is not always a good thing.

Beret on as I write this.

Reviewed by leiper on 06th April 2012

as yassou has stated, the video is definitely a must have for any Dylan collection. his smile when he shows the audience his Oscar award is priceless. but besides that, his performance is suburb!! rock on

Reviewed by kiddylan on 04th August 2011

This is a 2-source CrystalCat sound upgrade of two excellent films, D197 and D976. Because
D197 has already been sound upgraded (D197.su2), the majority of the footage is from the newly released D976. In cases where the D976 footage is incomplete or overly shaky/obstructed, D197.su2 was used.

This show was notable not only for the terrific vocal performance put in by Dylan, but also for two interesting moments in the show. First, following "Things Have Changed" Dylan grabbed his Oscar (a replica?) off the speaker and waved it at the crowd, much to their delight. Second, during "Visions of Johanna," he seems visibly upset at Larry saying "(You're?) takin' a break, man." (Hence, the title of D977). Check out the video and let us know what you think.

Reviewed by yassou on 02nd August 2011