DVDylan ID: D973.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Finsbury Park, Feis Festival, London, England, UK
Date: Saturday, 18th June 2011

An impressive effort by the filmer, who gives us some long, steady, clear and close shots of Bob and the band, interrupted by what were probably drunken oafs lurching through the crowd in search of more booze or returning with it. (I was there, and had the show spoiled by these people.) Credit too, to Romeo, who managed to find a place away from the rowdy and the chatterers - it sounds almost like a soundboard recording. As for Bob's performance - four stars. But look out for what appears to be an impressive guitar solo by him on Blowin' In The Wind.

Reviewed by mybackpages on 26th July 2011

This is yet another item that benefits greatly by the excellent editing and sound upgrading skills of madhasse. While the name "soomlos" has come to be synonymous with superior audio, we should also recognize the wonderful products of "romeo," who sometimes goes by the name" appleberry."

Reviewed by yassou on 25th July 2011