DVDylan ID: D791.msu
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Finsbury Park, Fleadh Festival, London, England, UK
Date: Saturday, 12th June 1993

The Good:
-guest appearance by Van Morrison on "One Irish Rover"
-cool opener "Hard Times" with Bucky on the accordian
-excellent sound upgrade source (but see below)
-excellent color and focus
-complete show

The Bad:
-tracking distortion at the bottom of the screen probably caused by tape transfer
-very shaky (almost drove the editor to drink)
-more than the usual number of clipped songs thus necessitating the use of stills

The Ugly:
-talkative crowd with people heatedly arguing during "Tangled Up In Blue"

All in all, we're lucky to have this from the master source. I'll give a 4- to yet another semi-precious jewel in Uncle Bobby's crown.

Reviewed by yassou on 30th March 2011