DVDylan ID: D759.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Nikon At Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, New York, USA
Date: Friday, 29th June 2007

DISCS (1) D759su
SOUND Excellent. You can here the flaws in Bob's voice along with the great use he makes of these despite the limitations. Every instrument in near perfect balance.
IMAGE A little grainy/blurred but the close ups enthrall. Nothing too much to complain about the taper has done a fantastic job. Stills used in Rolling and Tumbling.
PERFORMANCE Bob is right there in this concert. I recently saw him twice in Perth and Melbourne Australia. There were glimpses of this form at Melbourne and he hit his strides in Perth at the end of the concert. Here the whole is constantly high.
HIGHLIGHTS The version of Moonlight on this DVD is very special and alone would make this DVD a treasure include the other highlights and 5/5 stars can be the only score . Visions of Johanna is a sensation. Shelter from the Storm converted into a deep deep ballad is different, tender and nice! Nettie Moore is its usual highlight.
COMMENT Ah Moonlight - what poetry. The song touches on life's beauty and sadness- 'Won't you meet me by the moonlight alone?' In this form no worries. Check Christopher Ricks's Vision's of Sin for a great analysis of this song. A fan commented in a review on another site: "that the moon which had been obscured by clouds, finally came out from behind them and shone brightly in the Long Island sky, reflecting off of the ocean
and bay." Must have been some night!
THANKS Jim 50 for the review format. I hope he will not mind! This esteemed community for passing the DVD and the almighty taper!
STARS 5 stars an inspiration.

Reviewed by zarf1 on 10th October 2007