DVDylan ID: D753.msu
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: National Indoor Arena, Birmingham, England, UK
Date: Tuesday, 17th April 2007

Thoroughly enjoyable! Not only is this a sound upgrade, but it's a sound upgrade of Crystal Cat audio, which is often over-praised as the gold standard of Dylan field recordings. The author, madhasse, has perfected a technique of patching missing or obstructed video with video effects such as slo-mo and reverse motion. This is a refreshing alternative to the use of stills which many authors, yours truly included, tend to rely on in dealing with problemmatic programs.

The only defect that I could see was loss of a/v sync at about 29 minutes which mars "Workingman's Blues." Hopefully, the author will re-visit this one in order to fix that problem.*

So, I'll round off a 5- to a 5.

*The author has fixed the sync issue so, if you seek this disk, you should be sure to get the fixed version,

Reviewed by yassou on 07th March 2011