DVDylan ID: D748
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Palais Omnisports de Paris, Paris, France
Date: Monday, 23rd April 2007

I have just received this one (many thanks to my supplier) and merci beaucoup to Younger the taper who captured as much as he could! I am grateful to have any moving picture memento of this great gig I was lucky enough to be at :)
Well done Younger, keep up the good work and better luck next time.

Reviewed by whitedove on 03rd July 2007

I have to say i like it
Its a clear shot of the whole band and played nicely
Unfortunatly distant to some peoples disapointment but the brilliant show makes up for it

Reviewed by Josepi on 18th June 2007

I recorded it with a little camera with a big security by my side, I did what I could. Even if I was very far, the performance was superb and I think the movie is quite nice, since it's quite well focused, not too shaky and it gives a good general view...

Reviewed by Younger on 18th June 2007

maybe you tube clips or cell phone clips. very poor resolution, very distant, very clipped, tiny file size. not recommended. i don't like to pan DVDs, but this one is really bad. Recommend instead Amsterdam or Glasgow from this tour: D740.su, D741/ D741.su.
Still thanks to the filmer for trying, and to Josepi for sharing with me (again!)

Reviewed by jman on 17th June 2007