DVDylan ID: D655
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: The Beacon Theatre, New York City, NY, USA
Date: Monday, 15th October 1990

The helicopter flew steadily across the Arizona desert, camera pointing straight down, mile after mile of scrub and sand, on it flew, straight out over the Grand Canyon. I grabbed at my chair, my stomack turned... OK it was only on TV, but the effect on me was still real for all that.
Perhaps this DVD should come with a Warning Sticker for all the other vertigo sufferers out there in DVDylan-land. Even if it's only to cover the tapers back, in case some of our more litigious cousins over the water decide to sue for mental distress, anguish etc
For watching this, you get the feeling that it's only the bar across the bottom of the screen that's stopping the taper, and you, from falling straight down onto the stage at our Bob's feet.
Needless to say, he's got a fine view of the stage, only empty air between him and the top of Bob's hat. (must've been cold that october night in N.Y.C.) And overall he's done not a bad job in fiming it, but he's been badly let down with the sound. It's crying out for a sound upgrade. Was sorta half watching it again tonight, (reading a book) when I looked over at the setlist; "he hasn't just played 'Masters of War'", hut the back button, and sure enough, he had. The sound is so muddy that all the tracks just blend into one indistinct mass.
3 stars, I'll give it another once the sound upgraders get to work on it.

Reviewed by napbon on 26th July 2006