DVDylan ID: D654.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Sazka Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: Monday, 7th November 2005

to my mind, #D654.su is the most enjoyable circulating DVD from Europe Fall Tour 2005 to date.

Video source features great colors and Excellent camera work, panning the stage and zooming in and out expertly. Each band member is captured more or less individually, along with a variety of mid- and long-range shots that show the Band working out together. Unobstrusive yet dynamic, really a pleasure to watch. Great work Buda!
Unfortunately, the tightest shots are pretty fuzzy, and I honestly enjoy the mid range shots the most, as they are full of great lifelike colors and detail, and the viewer can see everyone working at once.
The cameraman makes the absolute most of a less than ideal seat to produce a very nice document.

The audio source is top notch, audio/video sync and authoring also of the Highest standard.

The performances are fine if not firey. The band is swinging very nicely, clearly coming together as a unit. Since the latest line-up came on tour I've thought that Denny Freeman is the sleeper, and I find more evidence in these performances. Dylan is on his game, although his vocal range and tone are showing a bit of the road, and he delivers with conviction and focus through most of the night.. Tell Me That it Isn't True, Moonlight, Watching the River Flow, a couple standouts in my mind, but the whole show is more or less on.

A tight and professional outing, skillfully recorded and presented on DVD. Many thanks to the Author/Filmer/Taper/Seeders....and especially to Bob Dylan.

Reviewed by jman on 07th April 2006