DVDylan ID: D646.m
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Brixton Academy, London, England
Date: Tuesday, 22nd November 2005

Despite the valiant and patient effort of tonights video taper, circumstances seem to have conspired to deny him/her, and thus, the rest of us, much fruit.
Most songs are quite obstructed and shakey. Tape seems to be off-master, audio from the original camera recording.

The real lesson of this DVD, although not intended by its creator i'm sure, is an insight into the dicipline and dedication that goes into the work of the ELITE FEW who have provided the rest of us the vast majority of the wonderful material that is listed on this site.
First, our video taper eludes security on the way in and throughout the show, no mean feat from what i've gathered about the 2005 England run. Then, our taper patiently and stoically works throughout the entirety of the show to try to get us a decent view, for the most part to no avail. Even as it becomes clear that most of the tape will be a wash, our taper hangs in there rewarding us all with a lovely Mississippi among other less obstructed tracks later in the set.

This DVD will probably not get more than a cursory viewing or two at my house, but I am glad to have seen it, and grateful for the ongoing efforts of all involved. Maybe a few tracks will be harvested for a SU compilation some day if we are lucky.
Thanks to the Taper, Author, DVDylan.com, and always Mr. Bob Dylan.

Reviewed by jman on 12th February 2012