DVDylan ID: D631.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: CCH (Saal 1), Hamburg, Germany
Date: Monday, 24th October 2005

Pleasant show. No special picks, but Dylan is in good mood and well singing and band plays very good. No static camera, it shows all musicians - sometimes a little nervous changes of view, but I don't expect pro-shot quality. Highlights - Maggie's Farm, Blind Willie McTell, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum.

Reviewed by lavicky on 25th March 2006

the first chance for most of us to see the Europe swing Fall 2005 does not disappoint.
the film is nearly complete, somewhat shakey especially on closer shots as noted above. not the closest or best focus as it's shot from the back of the hall. when the camera is pulled back to a mid -range shot that takes in the entire band the picture is crisp and clear.
pleasing colors due more to the current stage plot rather than any shortcoming in the films of the past few years.
Audio is excellent and the sync is natural and precise. Authoring and menus are lovely. extra touches like subtitles at the beginning of each song lend a classy and professional feel to this fan project. Great work, yet again!
This video shows the current band continuing to refine their country-rock take on the music, and a very solid performance from Dylan of a great set-list. Heres another word for this version of You Aint Goin Nowhere.
Very enjoyable, many thanks to all involved in getting this one out, and thanks always to BD and dvdylan.com

Reviewed by jman on 04th February 2006

I'm going to produce the whole series of Euro 2005 shows on DVD. All I'll need is some half-dozen slightly out of focus photos from a few, not even most, dates, add on soundtracks from the excellent audios going round, then sell the whole lot on e-Bay. Who'd know the difference ?
I was quite enjoying the cds from this tour, but this DVD just rammed it home. Bob 2005 concerts are really boring.
Imagine yourself at some accountants conference, and half-a-dozen of the least extroverted take to the stage to "entertain" their fellow delegates. Though, one of the more "daring" ones does wear a white hat, that's about it, entertainment-wise.
Bob, if you won't ditch this band, at least burn their grey suits, get them something colorfull to wear (SAHB springs to mind), make them move, even it is only only little rails criss-crossing the stage; Anything, please.
The DVD itself ? The taper got him/herself a good seat, good clear view of the stage, but unfortunately the camera couldn't handle the distance, even zooming half-way in results in a fuzzy shot, (and he/she zooms in a lot ! )
Better colors than we've been used to of late, ie. not the semi-Greyscale that most of the 2005/2004 seem to have been shot in.
Get it if you must, but any DVD that makes you long for the delights of the Amazon concert, can't really have much going for it. Stick to the CDs, then you've only the music to contend with. (and Bob, get rid of the Slide-Guitar, enough is enough)

Reviewed by napbon on 16th January 2006

I attended the show myself, so let me say that I'm not totally unbiased.

This video is well filmed. There is absolutely a minimum of obstructions from other audience members and the taper uses the zoom cleverly with lots of zooming in and out giving a full view of the band while also focusing on Bob. There is some shakiness and it does get slightly blurred when full zoomed is applied but if you have learned to appreciate audience videos this will not take away the pleasure of watching it. As can be expected from a sound upgrade the sound is perfect.

The setlist includes many highlight for me, especially Blind Willie McTell, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Tears Of Rage and You Ain't Goin' Nowhere. The last one is particularly atmospheric and you can see Donnie Herron playing a nice violin behind Bob on that one. I'm glad to see that the video includes a complete Simple Twist of Fate which, for me, is a the highlight of the show.

I'd say this is a 4.5 star DVD for the average collector and a 5 star for me having attended the show. I'm most thankful to everyone involved in making this DVD. Certainly a worthy addition to anybody's collection.

Reviewed by MisterClive on 01st January 2006