DVDylan ID: D600
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: GMC Stadium, Sauget, Illinois, US
Date: Friday, 8th July 2005

I am the tall guy to the right standing down front. What more do I have to say. Eternally grateful to all who film the shows and make them accessible to all of us. Not the best quality DVD out there but when it's one you've attended it is an instant 10!

Reviewed by jugband on 07th June 2007

10 stars for whoever put this one together! Have got the introduction playing now and I want to know where this stunning version of Forever Young is FROM???!!


Reviewed by whitedove on 11th February 2007

Yeah !
4 Stars for this DVDs !
This DVD is really good. Nice video. The sound isnīt so good. Thanks to John to sending me this one.

Reviewed by Adrian on 22nd September 2005

This is a very nice document, especially as it is one of the taper's first attempts! colors are pretty natural, and we are treated to nice shots of the full band as well as closer shots of Dylan. No obstructions, and only slight jitters, not bad at all considering the distance from which it was shot.
The tape was recorded from the bleachers, and so anyone who has seen the set up at these small stadium shows knows that it will not be very close.

Too bad that the rest of the show wasn't captured, but what we get is very nice and well performed. i especially enjoyed the slowed down 'Can't Wait', a version i have yet to witness live. All songs are pretty strongly performed.
Nicely authored, and a cool document of the july swing 2005.

4 stars, and worth looking into if your thing is soundupgrading DVDs ;-)
thanks to the taper, the author, and thanks always to DVDylan.com.

Reviewed by jman on 15th August 2005