DVDylan ID: D593.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Earls Court, London, England, UK
Date: Tuesday, 30th June 1981

Mixed emotions. A day after "Bird's Nest In Your Hair" bootleg belongs to my favourites (see http://www.bobsboots.com/CDs/cd-b21.html). But when I watch this dvd it's not so powerfull as I expect. I have no strict idea why - picture is quite good, show is quite good, soud is great. But maybe I was expected something more. I can't decide with rating - three is too less, four is too much. But regarding to great Nashville 1978 bonus (Changing of Guards!) and nice artwork I give four.

Reviewed by lavicky on 14th April 2006

First of all thanks to Pete for supplying the discs - very efficient process indeed. I am new to audience shot videos and dvds and have to say that I was very disappointed in the quality of the visuals but impressed by the sound!It was fascinating to see (just) the performances and travel back to 1981 and the variations to some of the lyrics were new to me. Having just seen Down the Highway probably was not the best timing for this review as the quality of that was staggering.Can anyone suggest something with much better visuals ??

Reviewed by fazer1 on 31st October 2005