DVDylan ID: D590.vd2
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Stadthalle, Braunschweig, Germany
Date: Thursday, 5th July 2001

"A different version of the Braunschweig show, new footage" ?
--"No, just a different transfer of the same 2xVCD set"

"But this is a minute longer, there must be something new" ?
--"About a second or so at the very start"

"And the rest" ?
--"Each track was written seperately onto the VCDs, most ended in a black screen, then there'd be a few more blank frames added. I only cut the 'added' frames, but could have easily removed more without losing anything of importance"

"So that's it then, a new DVD for 1 second" ?
--"Not quite, I noticed the VCD's seemed to give a brighter/sharper picture than D590.vcd. So I made this simple transfer to compare the 2"

"And.." ?
--"The screenshots I took whilst making it didn't look as good as those posted for D590.vcd. But playing it back through the DVD-Player this one was noticably clearer"

"So this is the version to get" ?
--"No, if you have D590.vcd then you won't need this. Any differences are minimal"

"But if I don't have either, then this is the one to look for " ?
--"Just take whatever version comes to hand. It's not a video that'll keep dragging you back for repeated viewings"

2 Stars referring to the video content only. I'll leave it to others to review it properly

Reviewed by napbon on 18th September 2009