DVDylan ID: D587
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Stadthalle Offenbach, Germany
Date: Wednesday, 19th June 1991

I want to take a moment and strongly recomend this DVD! It is very nicely authored from the Master according to the notes at dimeadozen, and the picture is really breathtaking. One of the finest quality audience products i've seen yet. The colors and focus are excellent, the camera seems to be on a tripod and pans the stage nicely. Zero obstructions. The sound is not too bad at all.
Performance wise, Dylan did not disappoint this night. Very energetic and musical, and an excellent set list as you can see.
If you have the other DVD of this show, #D377.su, you are probably into this stuff enough that you will want this excellent alternate version.
If you have not seen a DVD of this show, or are looking for a great DVD of a great 1991 Dylan performance, grab this up.
Five star audience shot. Thanks to the taper for sharing this gem, and thanks always to dvdylan.com

Reviewed by jman on 07th August 2005