DVDylan ID: D559.vsu
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Turning Stone Casino and Resort Events Center, Verona, NY, US
Date: Wednesday, 20th April 2005

A big Thank You to Nigel, who sent this to me on condition that I write a review, so here it is - please don't expect too much, it's my first one:)

I'd like to start with the work that Nigel has actually put into this dvd. I am no expert, but I can give you a layperson's opinion. He has done a fantastic job with the menu and chapters. I love the way he has put a moving clip of each song to denote them - I haven't seen that done very often, and it looks great. Very easy to navigate, so no problem there. Filling the gap at the end of Watchtower with the closing credits is an inspired idea, you get the feeling you haven't missed anything at all. The audio is superb, and the sync' is spot on. Nigel has also done a great job cleaning it up, the colours look crisper and brighter than on the original Verona.

The quality of the tape isn't the best I've ever seen, it is dodgy at times. But I'm not complaining - I just close my eyes and listen. Dylan and the Band are on top form, and there are some wonderful harmonica solos, where he ditches the piano and saunters to centre stage. Elana Fremerman plays the fiddle beautifully and brings with her a grace I haven't seen since the day's of Scarlet Riviera. The set list is great and Bob sings with passion and conviction - especially during Hollis Brown. I don't really want to go into reviewing each of the songs - they are all super, and I can't see anyone being disappointed...

Should this dvd be in your collection?.....I'm certainly pleased it's in mine.

Reviewed by simpletwist on 20th June 2005