DVDylan ID: D559.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Turning Stone Casino and Resort Events Center, Verona, NY, US
Date: Wednesday, 20th April 2005

Opened with a nice different 2005 version of The Wicked Messenger
The the new violinist, Elana is throughout the whole show and adds a very nice touch to all the songs.
Also during the show theres only two newish songs, Man In The Long Black Coat (1989) and Cat's In The Well (1990) and all the rest are 1967 or years below.
Just Like A Woman and Desolation Row are beautiful!
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues is also exelent
Overall, one of my fave dvds!

Reviewed by Josepi on 23rd June 2007

I recently got verona and i am very pleased with this dvd. The dvd is pretty good all the way through. At times it is grainy but never too bad, and at times it is crystal clear. Most of the video focuses on Bob and Stu. When not focused in on Bob and stu you usually get a full band shot or elana andshort shots of different band members. Some highlights in this video would be Desolation Row, Just Like a Woman, Lars, and Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues. Without the Watchtower upgrade i would of gave this a 4. I highly recommend any fan of current Dylan to find a copy of this.

Reviewed by portfoliobmx on 18th June 2005

Like it was said, the video isn't the absolute greatest ever, but it's pretty good and the sound quality is fantastic.
I'm not so much of a fan of Bob Dylan in 2005, but it's still interesting - a good show and worth a look.
Of course, a Watchtower upgrade means it's been done with the care and attention to detail that you can see with all the other Watchtower DVDs.

Reviewed by backfrom on 29th May 2005