DVDylan ID: D542
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Various (Europe)

First, I must give credit where it's due: I have yet to be disappointed by any 'Buried Treasure' production. When I see this label on the menu, I know that I'm in for a great viewing experience. This DVD easily lives up to that reputation. Thanks for all the great work Buried Treasure!

'Do You Mr. Smith'is an excellent compilation from the european legs of the 89 and 90 tours. The performances are very well chosen, and the set list is tasty indeed.

As for video quality, this is not for those of us who are cranky about shaky or obstructed footage. Some of the footage is shaky, partially obstructed, and dark. These are audience films from 1989 and 90, and are quite enjoyable and good for the vintage.
The audio upgrades are also quite good, well done with minimal sync problems.
Menus are beautiful and fully functional.

For those willing to brave less than perfect picture quality, this DVD will hold MANY rewards.

The rating would be 5 stars were it not for several songs that have clipped beginings. This DVD is certainly 4 stars, very worth having.

Reviewed by jman on 14th April 2005