DVDylan ID: D540.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Wembley Arena, London, UK
Date: Wednesday, 14th October 1987

Very interesting video from the earlier days when videos were harder to come by, and I've judged on that basis.

The camera location is very unusual: it starts out from above stage left behind the front of the stage, in other words, looking down from a little back stage. The cameraman moves more to his left and his pretty much due left of the stage after awhile. But he's right behind the Queens of Rythym, and the Queens ain't little, sometimes blocking most of the view of our hero. All in all, it's a little distant and occasionally blocked, but you take what you can get from 1987. Not much Petty at all, either.

The sound is excellent and the synch job is pretty much perfect too. The performances vary. LARS and Maggie's Farm are pretty weak but Forever Young is nailed, with a great harp accompaniment. I And I is murdered, but the rare Frankie Lee & Judas Priest is nicely done. In The Garden is also nicely done, and McGuinn and his wonderful Rickenbacker almost steal the rare Chimes Of Freedom.

For a late 90s show we'd give this one a 3, maybe even a 2, but for 1987 -- a 4*

Reviewed by OutsideTheLaw on 06th July 2006