DVDylan ID: D513.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Sport Paleis Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Date: Wednesday, 6th June 1984

Sound Upgrade DVD
Sportpaleis Ahoy Rotterdam The Netherlands
June 6, 1984

This dvd is another example of how blessed we still are with the early adapters who bootlegged Bob-shows with their videogear. In this case the cameraís pretty steady, very close on Bob and sometimes zooming out to Bob and Mick and the lens is mostly on sharp focus. As for the image, the light changings caused most difficulties. But, hey, this is 1984 and we ought to be nothing but thankful (also to Vygi who was so kind to let me have this disc).

Most of the songs are complete, though coming in at a sudden start and cut off at the end. Sound upgrade is not an empty phrase, itís really well balanced and crystal clear.

But most of all, weíre witnessing an outstanding performance with Bob singing fierce and forcefully emphasizing each word (Jokerman, Hard Rain, Itís Alright Ma) and playing some very subtle harp soloís (Just Like A Woman). Plus prove how good Mick could play the sologuitar (was Watchtower ever done better ?).

As a bonus track, Bryan Ferry doing Donít Think Twice, well, letís just say ďfunnyĒ.

Reviewed by twister on 26th December 2005