DVDylan ID: D449
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: S.E.C.C., Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Date: Sunday, 21st June 1998

got this one as a freebie, thanks stoked!
this is a great show. excellent performance by bob and the band, and a very steady hand and nice medium shots all the way through. overall, viewing is a very fun experience. along with #D218, essential 1998 viewing.
recommended! get the authored version with the menu taken from the tour-poster.

Reviewed by jman on 16th February 2005

Watched this last night and before i say anything else i must state that i have not seen many Bob Dvd's but i think this is the best of the lot.
The quality of vision is not brilliant but that did not matter the sound was excellent and above all his Bobness seemed to really enjoy himself.
The energy was there righr from the start and got stronger and stronger thoughout the set.
Excellent Boots, TUIB's, Love Sick but for me the highlight was, well to be honest it was just a great show.
Those who were there must have had a great night and we too can feel that joy by watching it -
Enjoyed it so much going to get a friend to do me a copy and will soon offer a freebie - so look out for that very soon.
Thanks for all who kindly do this for us all - i am disabled and phsyically unable to see Bob live so this is next best thing for me.
Stay safe and well

Reviewed by babbling on 07th January 2005

I found this one very enjoyable. It has decent picture quality - I watched it on a 35 inch TV with surround sound and it had the ambiance of being at the show. The sound is good and reproduced well through my surround sound system.

Reviewed by Captsoul on 31st December 2004

I was very excited to win this dvd from a very generous offer on the freebie board. I don't own many dvd's so i was psyched to get this in the mail. The picture is very clear and the audio sounds great. The setlist is pretty rewarding and Dyland and his band play very well. Boots and Desolation stand out as great. I hope to be able to reoffer this at some point when I can burn dvd's.

Reviewed by stumd3 on 27th December 2004