DVDylan ID: D449.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: S.E.C.C. Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Date: Sunday, 21st June 1998

The sound upgrade on this dvd is a big improvement on the original
version,which i found the sound to be fairly low,which meant the
audience chatter was on a par with Bobs singing and the bands
playing.But once again after Yassou has worked his magic with this
great upgrade,the background noise is where it should be,and thats
in the background.
The filmer did a great job with the camera,with hardly a blank
screen throughout and just a slight loss of colour in Tangled up in
The performance tonight again is very good,and with a lot of shows
from this time,you may not find a definitive version of any songs
played,but they are all of a high standard,right from the opening
song Gotta serve somebody to Blowin in the wind,consistency is the
best word to describe this show,Bob singing clear and hardly a missed lyric all night.
So seek out this upgraded version,you wont be dissapointed.
Many Thanks again to Yassou making this an easy 5 stars.

Reviewed by hollis-brown on 12th March 2009