DVDylan ID: D437.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Palac kultury, Prague, Czech Republic
Date: Monday, 13th March 1995

Rich colors, crisp clear images, top quality sound.

Absolutely realistic a/v sync work. Brilliant job on this one.
A few moments of 'digi-noise' on one or two tracks. Obstuctions and shakes rarely interfere with a medium to close picture of Dylan and, periodically, all band members.

Inspired set. Frequent harp solos of the finest quality. Dynamic instrumentals. Strong, melodic vocals, Dylan in excellent voice, exploring the lyrics, rhythms, and melodies with passon and very few missteps. Worthy of mention among the many highlights are Lay, Lady, Lay, Licence to Kill (which has been rightfully featured as a d/l at dvdylan.com), Boots; each magical. Dig the falsetto 'ooooo's' during God Knows!

5 stars for quality of product and performances. What a treat to see DVDs from this epic Europe swing emerge at this late date.
A true keeper.

Reviewed by jman on 12th July 2006