DVDylan ID: D418.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, California, USA
Date: Friday, 26th May 1995

Well, the DVD is enjoyable as an overall product. I am always keen to get first a good sound, and able to accept less than good picture. It is a pity that the shot is very dark, as the performance of Bob is very focussed throughout, while there is a good selection of songs of the era. I really enjoy the videos of the 1995 tour, plenty of European dates, not so many from USA. Maybe one day a better video copy will come out, not so high gen... So the picture will get a better definition, as it is quite blurred. A little annoying is the staticity of the frame, as only Bob and the drummer (sometimes boring and lousy to my taste) get attention... I know, this is what you get from cameras of that era, but the guy who shot this preferred not move around the stage and mostly leave the camera alone..... Well at least the excellent sound rise quite much the value of this item. Remarkable synching job, as usual... Many thanks to the people involved.

Reviewed by pelino on 23rd July 2010