DVDylan ID: D408
Recording type: ProShot

A very enjoyable viewing experience, & not just for the bob scenes, but also for the plethora of artists featured. there's some stunning footage of son house, mississippi john hurt, fred mcdowell, howlin' wolf & others. peter, paul & mary come over a bit twee now, but they were the mega-stars of the moment I guess. pete seeger & company's rousing finale of 'down by the riverside' literally rocks! I really don't understand why this film hasn't seen a commercial release on DVD, it's definitely an historic document. a word of warning, the sound & picture quality are not exactly brilliant by today's standards, but it doesn't spoil overall viewing.

Reviewed by macmaghnusa on 13th August 2005

Last time I've seen this film twenty years ago, so I remembered days of my youth this evening. There was the MUSIC! Dylan is perfect, of course (my older son said: "He looks like Hobbit" when he appears first time on the stage), but I forget most of others picks. Odetta, Son House, gospel singers, fiddlers, drummers, dancers and genius loci - beautiful! It evokes me a folk festival in the birthplace of my wife at Velka nad Velickou in the heart of Europe - the same groups of playing people everywhere and musicians rotate through twenty minute bands. Oh yeah, it was great and it was HISTORY - sine qua none.

Reviewed by lavicky on 04th March 2005

OK Im rubbish at reviews but here goes. its a must have for the contents alone. quality is good for the sixties.glimpses of dylan throughout film,along with the songs he performs.depending on your love for the 60's folk scene you are either gonna love it or find some bits cringe making.but as a film it is essential, along with dylan you get baez, peter paul mary,seeger,sonny terry and brownie mcghee,mississipi john hurt and so much more.

Reviewed by simonlofc on 30th January 2005