DVDylan ID: D404
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Gurgahalle, Essen, Germany
Date: Tuesday, 18th June 1991


Indeed this concert is painful, as a performance
what a pity that such debacle got 2 different
versions, both very watchable!!!
The video quality is a little bit grainy and
distant pictures, but comparing with others
from the same age is still nice and not dark or shaky at all.
The sound is quite echoy, but still enjoyable,
or to say so, if one is interested in standing
in from of a endless torturing attack to the repertory.
To get up to the end I made a large effort in enhancing
my masochistic approach.
Indeed here it is a valuable historical document of a truly unforgettable concert,
one of the deepest deeps in the whole career, in my opinion.

Reviewed by pelino on 22nd January 2008