DVDylan ID: D397.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Palaeur, Rome, Italy
Date: Thursday, 6th June 1991

#D397.su offers another excellent SU from the 'Dangerous DVD' Series. Save the constant and at times frenzied shakes, this is a top notch fan project from this fine author. Thanks and Congratulations.

I would rate heads more like 3 stars, as a good bit of the footage is somewhat obscured. Picture features crisp images in good color which areconsistantly shakey. 90+ percent comprised of chest to hat (or head) shots of Dylan.
Audio sourced from a crystal clear but slightly high-end heavy digital audience source. A very good recording.

The stability of the picture gets better towards the middle of the set, offering some great images of Dylan smiling, sweating, gesturing, and dancing his way through the set. As with other close shot floor video, the acoustic set is more stable as the crowd settles. The rarities, Homeward Bound, Bob Dylan's Dream, and People Putting People Down are all well performed and relatively well filmed. Quite a few strong performances although, again, the film is quite shakey.

The excellent sound makes up for the somewhat hit and miss video here. Two songs that are not included in the video are thoughtfully included at the end of the DVD.
Thanks to all involved in bringing this one out.

Reviewed by jman on 22nd March 2006