DVDylan ID: D387.yt
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Arènes de Fréjus/Fréjus, France
Date: Tuesday, 13th June 1989

This show is one of those long-forgotten gems, so it's refreshing to have a new YouTube submission by Swingin' Pig and this DVD production by markitos. Swingin' Pig received the original film (the source for D387 and D387.m) from the filmer (zimmy21), edited it, and shared it on YouTube on 11-December-2020. Many collectors prefer fully-authored DVDs, and markitos satisfied this preference by producing and sharing this item (D387.yt). The sound is better than a '3 star' rating, perhaps a 4+ or 5-. It's unclear if D637 is a sound upgrade, as stated in the notes for D387, but the notes state that the sound is excellent and the screen shots suggest that the video quality is comparable.

Reviewed by yassou on 29th December 2020