DVDylan ID: D384
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: New York + New Jersey

4 stars for something that's really hard to watch ?
(would have given it another half star if the boards at the start of each years segment hadn't flashed by before I could read them)
THE reason for getting this has to be the '74; '75 footage. At last I've seen some audience shots that are watchable, shots where you can make out which one actually IS Bob. OK the picture quality is terrible, the shots are cut up all over the place and the sound is dubbed, but to complain about that would be as pointless as complaining about '60s mono recordings. If you want to see Bob & Co on stage in '74;'75 other than in photos or official releases, then get this. I haven't seen any better.
The rest of the DVD ? Well you'll see worse, you'll see better, I'll happily wait to see the complete tapes.
(The wife hated it - " What possible enjoyment........." ;- she just doesn't understand !)

Reviewed by napbon on 19th October 2004