DVDylan ID: D353
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, US
Date: Saturday, 14th November 1981

O dear, o dear, o dear...
First the good points,- it's almost the entire concert, it's the only Nashville '81 footage in the database and err......
Take a cue from the screenshots, that there's only the 2 apart from the menu-page isn't due to the laziness of the poster, it's the only 2 he/she could find that actually showed something. Nigh on half of this dvd all you can see is Bob's guitar and a white blob where his face should be. Only now and then when the full floodlights come on do we get a fleeting glimpse of the whole band, and only in outline, black and white. Fairly steady camerawork throughout and apparently 'heads-free', though to be honest there could easily have been a rampaging herd of wildebeeste in the auditorium, we'd be none the wiser from this dvd.
The sound, although it's not 'bad', isn't as good as it sounds, or to put it another way, sounds better than it is. It's the 'tween song chat that gives it away, the apparent clarity disappears and you find yourself struggling to catch Bob's chatter. We need a sub-titled version.
Not even a great concert, gone is the fire, the excitement of the summer '81 shows, too much of an end-of-a-too-long-tour feel. Just going through the motions.
"..Heavens Door" listed above in the set-list isn't here, suppose no-one's ever reached the end to check it out before. Takes a hardy sort (or a fool) to watch this in its entirety. Not that it makes any difference to your 'enjoyment' of this dvd, most songs are complete, only only the few chopped a bit. Just be gratefull, if they were whole it would last even longer.
A sorry 1 star, though even that means a re-definition of 'Poor'.

Reviewed by napbon on 14th June 2007