DVDylan ID: D346
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: The Pageant, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Date: Tuesday, 2nd March 2004

This is a wonderful show with plenty of highlights. My personal fav's from this show are "Can't Wait", "Highwater", "LDHC".

All the songs at this show are rendered with care, passion, and energy that sometimes was not there in '04. The filmer does an excellet job of trying to capture the band in action, while giving great attention to Bob.

With the sound and the video, I would definatley have to make this a 5 Star performance.

Reviewed by bluesguy on 23rd May 2005

I can honestly say that the second St. Louis show was one of the best of the spring 2004 tour, and this DVD does it more than justice. Freddy is absolutely on fire here, as is the rest of the band. While primarily concentrating on Bob and Freddy, the taper also successfully attempts to get an idea of what the overall band is doing. Very few, if any, heads get in the way. I highly recommend this DVD; it is one of the best I've ever seen.

Reviewed by MysteryTramp on 27th March 2005

The Audio and Video are in excellent quality,a little better the sound.
Bob in this show wear a great cow boy hat, and a black suit.
During all the concert Bob is back at his piano/keyboard.
The footage isn’t in move, it sometimes shows all the stage musicians but most of the time shows Bob on his piano.
No intrusions.
Great final with Like a Rolling Stone: great shot for all the song
And the same for Along The Watchtower.
Anyway a great concert, this is a Great DVD (five stars)

Reviewed by sky on 26th June 2004