DVDylan ID: D332
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Brighton Centre, Brighton, England, UK
Date: Sunday, 26th March 1995

very shakey footage throughout the first couple of tunes, improves somewhat from AATW.
good colors, decent lighting, but slightly off focus at best.
a few duck downs here and there, a few brief snips, otherwise the complete performance with a drop out during the pause before the encore.
a great unobstructed location for our filmer, but in the end this footage compares unfavorably with many of the other excellent treatments in circulation from Europe 95 which probably explains the lack of authoring and sound upgrade attention.
a bit of a seasick view, the picture never really settles for very long.

my blue screen PAL version has proper chapter marks at the begining of each song.

some great performances for sure- mama on my mind with Dylan blazing the acoustic is quite pleasant, also rocking dignity and man in the long black coat too.

i dare say that this is not a recording most viewers will return to often if ever unless perhaps you were there or have a special affinity for this show. otherwise probably for the maniacs among us, of which i am, for better or worse, surely one.

Reviewed by jman on 12th January 2007