DVDylan ID: D328
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Brixton Academy, London, UK
Date: Tuesday, 25th November 2003

Great DVD, the camera is on better focus, no movements from the camera.
Audio in excellent quality.
The camera is on Dylan a long time and it’s possible to see the various different Bob expressions on his aenigmatic face,and to see his little show-wiggle back the piano/keyboard :-)
For me the best breakthrough of this night is the Wilie Mc Tell song, a very intense and intimate perfomance of Bob.
Another of the best songs is Love Sick, the shot in this song is excellent, in this slow song you can capture an intimate Dylan and i believe he feels very deeply this night.
Anyway a Great concert, this is a great DVD (five stars)!

Reviewed by sky on 26th June 2004