DVDylan ID: D295
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Circus Krone, Munich, Germany
Date: Friday, 21st June 1991

Watched this one a couple of times yesterday and really enjoyed it.
Why? Good sound quality yes,although Bob singing unclear at times.
Good visuals on the whole yes.
Good song selection, very good, including Wiggle, Wiggle, Two Soilders and a very nice Lenny Bruce.
But i think the main reason i like it was that Bob seems to let his guard now a little, maybe had a little drink befor the show - heres some quotes he says in between songs, as found on Olof's site

Thanks everybody! That's a song called Shelter From The Storm ???? one that has been released. Here's one of my anti-religion songs. There are many in my repertoire. This is one of them ????

This is my ecology song for tonight. It's my one and only ecology song right here off of my last record. (plays Wiggle Wiggle). Thanks for making that record such a big hit!! Now I've done my duty!

This is a song about Man Gave Names To All The Animals. ????

This is my song all about philosophy. You got a lot of them around here. Some of them even lives across the sea.

(before Gates Of Eden).

Here's a song about ... Sometimes, like just today, somebody was coming to my hotel and stopped me on the street and he grabbed me around the shoulders and said "Mr. Zimmerman!" (pronounced with thick German accent!) These kind of things kind of shake a person up sometimes. And long ago somebody said the same thing. He didn't know me and he got run over by a street-car, in the middle of the street. It was a sad thing, but there wasn't anything for me to do but go back and write this song. And after it was written, that's when it was sung. (before Don't Think Twice).

Anyway what ever the reasons a great one to have and enjoy.

Reviewed by babbling on 01st July 2005


Bob in 1991- at age 50- this is one of my favorite Bob years. Remember his famous Grammy speech... "my daddy..."
For bootleg video and audio, this DVD is wonderful, Bob at his best in 1991, the audio upgrade and sound syncing really compliments the very good video source.

"Bob in München" is another DVD on my 5 star list.

Reviewed by mary on 01st February 2004