DVDylan ID: D294
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Voorst National, Brussels, Belgium
Date: Thursday, 23rd March 1995

GENERAL COMMENTS: Once again, we find ourselves face to face with a DVD with pretty good audio and average to mediocre video footage.
PERFORMANCE: Great overall. Dylan and his backing band just get hotter and hotter as the performance rolls on.
HIGHLIGHTS: Queen Jane Approximately (great), "Boots of Spanish Leather" & "Don't Think Twice" (both sensational) and a great rocking and rollicking "I and I" which totally rocks my socks off!
VIDEO QUALITY: most of it is a bit distant, grainy and dark. However, when our taper gets close in on the action (like in Boots of Spanish Leather and Don't Think Twice) we are offered a much better glimpse of what went on in Brussels that night. Very interesting performances of "Maggie's Farm" (not too keen on this version but will leave it up to you to decide - don't want to be another Clinton Heylin and become overly subjective) and "Like a Rolling Stone" (very nice alternative version).
SOUND QUALITY: very good but not the best. Haven't heard the upgrade so can't comment on that. The audio overall is better than average for the most part.
VERDICT: I can only give the video quality 2.5 stars but better-than-average audio and a great performance made me change my mind and decide to give this 3 stars.
THANKS: A big thank-you owing to baggy who sent me a copy of this one!
Worth a watch but maybe not one that you will go back to for repeated listens.

Reviewed by Blackburne on 04th March 2008