DVDylan ID: D291
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Sheffield Arena plus three London venues

I really enjoyed this dvd. The shots are close up and give ou a great idea about how he plays the piano. Plenty of funny gestures too. "Durango," "Jokerman," "Bottle of Bread" and a beautiful "Girl from the North Country" make it for me!

Reviewed by stumd3 on 09th March 2005

This is a very nice DVD, very much comparable to the Pinao Performance disc from '02 in terms of being a nice compilation. Actually, I probably prefer the performances from '02, but that's just my personal preferences. The authoring and indexing of this disc is very well done and professional (which is why it's better than Piano Performance). I wish the videos tended to show the entire band instead of just narrowing in on Bob, but the video does a great job of what it does do. The only real downer I can think of is that the only video from Hammersmith, "Romance in Durango" has BADLY out of sync audio. THe audio is off by about five seconds... about the time Dylan finishes singing a line on-screen, his voice starts to sing it. The Brixton video does have the taper battling the railing in front of him/her, but the taper pretty well wins that battle.

In any case, those last three shows of 2003 are wonderfully worth chronicling. I wish more of the highlights were fit into this disc, but it's a good sampler to whet your appetite for the complete shows. At least, it has for mine.

Reviewed by Joe1235 on 26th February 2005

See the reviews below; multiply the enthusiasm by 2 and you'll know where I'm coming from.

Reviewed by Lempi-Maki on 21st January 2004

I've not actually seen this yet but I have it on good authority that it is on it's way to me.

I have been asked to pass on best wishes to the person who authored this DVD as it is a fantastic piece of work.

Thank you, whoever you are.

Reviewed by dylanvine on 14th January 2004


This UK Tour 2003 DVD is a 'must have' for the Bobby hobbyists. The video is beautifully filmed (for bootleg), colors are true and the authoring is brilliant, animated menu. I love the bells and whistles on these authored DVDs.
There are many very close shots of Bob and particularly his Piano playing, his hands, his dancing around the stage, searching for his harmonica, taunting Freddy during "Dear Landlord."
Perhaps the audio recordings might have better sound for the true audiophile but for the rest of us, this DVD is TOP NOTCH and probably a better look at Bob than even an 'in person' concert attendance would have provided. This is the next best thing to being there. THANK YOU to ALL involved in the production of this DVD, a real labour of love.

P.S. This DVD looks even better Fourth Time Around

Reviewed by mary on 12th January 2004