DVDylan ID: D264
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: NY, Hammerstein Ballroom
Date: Wednesday, 13th August 2003

Looked at with 2007 eyes and listened to with 2007 ears, this DVD, while worth owning, should be considered as a candidate for upgrading. The sound is no better than average (excellent alternate audio sources are available), while the obstructed, shaky, and missing songs could benefit greatly by editing and in-filling. 4 stars.

Reviewed by yassou on 08th August 2007

This is one of the best DVDs I have ever seen. Every song is performed strongly and the whole band, especially Freddy, is on fire. The taper seamlessly pans between Bob, George, Tony, and the 2 guitar players. IMO the highlights are Highway 61 Revisited (in which Larry successfully tries to copy Freddy's style for a bit), Desolation Row, The Wicked Messenger (wonderful interplay between the 2 guitarists during the instrumental breaks), and a breathtaking version of Like a Rolling Stone in which Freddy absolutely NAILS the climax of the solo (which all Freddy-doubters should listen to).

Reviewed by MysteryTramp on 24th November 2005

As the others have said, this is not to be missed. Excellent camera work throughout, with great mix of long shots and close ups, and of Bob and each of the players. A strong show all around and it's a gift to have it documented to be enjoyed again and again. Clearly the most enjoyable and watchable audience concert video I've every seen.

PS: Some should makes sure Freddy gets a copy of this, because it documents an excellent night for him during his rather brief travels with Dylan. Great close ups of his solos, particularly during LARS and AATW in the encores.

Reviewed by dpam on 17th August 2004

Incredible. A great watch! Really funny to watch Dylan talking to the guitar player he keeps right near him. It's not Larry or Freddy. And he keeps playing a little and then walking around - a real character. Great setlist as well. Very well done!! I am somewhat new to the dvd scene so I don't really know the "must haves" but this is surely one.

Reviewed by stumd3 on 24th June 2004

A truly stunning document. Excellently filmed, NOT ONLY focussing on Dylan in close-up, but always trying to get an overall view on what happens on either side of the stage, on how the musicians inspire and influence each other. On the monumental instrumental verse of "Summer Days" for instance we hardly see Dylan at all - the camera focusses on Freddie and Larry going wild with their soli, and when it gets back to Dylan ("standing by God´s river, my soul is beginning to shaaaaake") one strongly feels how much he caught fire during the minutes in which he wasn´t seen.
Some disturbing elements should be mentioned though as well:
- the opener "Tombstone Blues" is more or less invisible, since the camera seems to "hide"
- "Honest with Me" misses all but the last verse
- some arms and heads block the view here and there

But no matter, no matter - this certainly is the best filmed performance of Dylan I´ve seen since Liverpool 01, a must have if there ever was one. One can even see which chords Dylan is fingering on the keyboard!

I´m proposing a toast to the taper!

Reviewed by honestwithme on 16th December 2003