DVDylan ID: D262.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Stadthalle Wien, Austria
Date: Tuesday, 21st July 1981

This film is one of the real jewels that are preserved from Europe 81. As a pure consumer of this stuff, I am awed by and grateful for the forsight, effort, skill, and generosity of everyone involved in these productions. And they just keep on coming! Thanks to All!

Focus and distance compare favorably to most of the footage from this tour that is cataloged here. Colors are rich. The camera pans the stage nicely, and i would probably offer 3 stars for steadiness.
This set is yet another priceless reauthor and soundupgrade, even more impressive considering that the beginning of each song is clipped. Audio is a fine audience recording, seamlessly syncronized with the video. Kudos to all involved with this one.

Portions of this performance seem a little 'routine' on Dylan's part, but there are plenty of inspired and inspiring moments. I Believe in You, In the Summertime, Lenny Bruce all deserve mention as outstanding performances, and Times is a notch higher still. Solid Rock and When You Gonna Wake Up drive the message home late in the set with intensity to spare.

Great stuff, Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by jman on 09th February 2006