DVDylan ID: D257.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Unterfrankenhalle, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Date: Wednesday, 15th March 1995

The filming of this show is the usual "Audience Shot" standard. A bit murky here, a bit jumpy there - heads here, shots of the ceiling there. Overall these are minimal distractions, and the effect is of "Being There" - a big thank you to the taper! The upgraded sound is wonderful throughout. It's the performance that lifts this show above the normal Bob level. He plays guitar on only a couple of songs, spending the rest of the evening standing and CONCENTRATING on his singing and harmonica playing, to marvellous effect. There is some lovely playing from the band, much less "Rocky" and more thoughtful than can be the case.Five Star Must Have in my humble opinion!

Incidentally, on the available artwork, the encore of "Like A Rolling Stone" is missing from the songlist - not a complaint, just an observation...

Reviewed by Freewheelin on 24th June 2005