DVDylan ID: D233
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Stirling Castle
Date: Friday, 13th July 2001

An object lesson in how not to try and video a concert - play it with your eyes shut.

Reviewed by napbon on 08th January 2005

Watched this last night (Thanks to Denis) just as new year began and not a bad way to break it in.
Enjoyed most of it - very good setlist - varied in both song selection and tempo.
I paticularly enjoyed Visions, Not Dark Yet and Things Have Changed
Most of the time view if stage very good but found bopping heads quite irritating and i suppose the worse thing about it was that those heads were quite old looking, balding and grey reminding me that most Dylan fans are aging along with Bob himself.
In conclusion worth having and one i will watch again perhaps when not so tried.

Reviewed by babbling on 01st January 2005