DVDylan ID: D218.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Newcastle Arena, Newcastle, England, UK
Date: Saturday, 20th June 1998

A top notch fan made project!

A grade audio, expert sync and authoring, crisp colorful video footage. Very steady, slight obstructions from stage equipment detract little if at all.
Only shortcoming is the side stage location provides shots of Dylan and Larry only. A great document of them two though. Very nice mid- to close- shots throughout.

Hot performance, audio and video wonderfully captured here. A great document. 5 stars for overall excellence, you won't be disappointed by this one if you like audience video. Thanks to all involved in bringing this out, and thanks to the dvdylan.community!

Reviewed by jman on 23rd August 2006

Again, like Cardiff 2000, this audience-recorded video blows me away. My deepest gratitude to the intrepid taper who filmed this with a tripod (or a rock-steady grip!) and the person who painstakingly synchronized the sound upgrade.

As for the set list, it's full of rarely played goodies such as opening with Gotta Serve Somebody, then an effortless segue into If Not For You --- absolutely priceless. Then if that's not enough, one of the most beautifully played and sung Simple Twist of Fates you'll ever hear. To Ramona....Masters of War....Love Minus Zero/No Limit...the list goes on and on. The band is tight and spot-on.

5 stars all the way. One of the very best Dylan dvds out there!

Reviewed by seegs on 25th July 2006