DVDylan ID: D213.msu
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: London, England, UK/Wembley Arena,
Date: Saturday, 17th October 1987

This is another item that's technically a '4' rating. However, a '5' is merited on the basis of the wonderful setlist, Dylan's spirited performance, and the participation of George Harrison and Roger McGuinn during the encore. That's a 'must-have' if ever there was one.

2 -> 3+/5/4-/4+/4-
5 -> 9/14/10/12/10 (avg. 12.00 B+)
Right balcony 70˙

-Back up band not too shabby, especially Benmont Tench on keyboards, Mike Campbell on lead guitar, and Tom Petty on vocal accompaniment
-Roger McGuinn & George Harrison join on encores
-terrific setlist, includes a rare "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine"
-dynamic performance from Dylan especially on "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" and "Go Down Moses"

DISTANCE/POSITION: ranges from 5 to 9 (Right balcony 70˙); far right position affords shots of all band members, although gospel chorus often blocked by giant speaker; focus consistently on Dylan with Tench & Campbell in shot

AUDIO: 14 (excellent CB master/speed reduced 0.5% to match video speed); speed of upgrade had to be reduced .5% to match speed of video

STEADINESS: 10 (rough start with Song 1, but filmer gets control and maintains an admirably steady hand)

HEADS/OBSTRUCTIONS: 12 (gospel chorus often blocked by giant speaker, some off-target parts, but otherwise free of heads and bodies)

FOCUS: 10 (soft focus w/good color and adequate light)

EDITING: stills used for off-target and cut parts (see setlist details); speed of upgrade had to be reduced .5% to match speed of video

Reviewed by yassou on 27th October 2014