DVDylan ID: D2068
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Palace Theater, Albany, NY, USA
Date: Wednesday, 8th May 1991

As The Caretaker commented, "1991 is not many peoples favorite," a sentiment with which I concur, mainly because Dylan's phrasing was rather abbreviated and pinched. That said, this is an engaging show to watch and hear. The video is well-shot with enough zooming and panning to get views of all players, and the audio is particularly good, with Dylan's voice high in the mix and the instruments well-balanced. Dylan switches to keyboards at several points, e.g. in the middle of "Mr. Tambourine Man," when he realizes he has the wrong harmonica and holds his guitar while banging the piano with his right hand. Also interesting is that he is wearing a jacket on all of the DVD 2 songs while performing sans jacket throughout DVD 1. One would expect the jacket to come off later in the show, wouldn't one?

Reviewed by yassou on 19th March 2018