DVDylan ID: D197.su2
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Kings Dock, Liverpool, UK
Date: Thursday, 12th July 2001

I find it really difficult to review dvds.Not only do you have to try and assess Bob's performance you also have to try and rate the technical quality of the film and it's really hard to say anything negative when so much care and attention goes into these films ,then add the fact that we're lucky to have anything at all and it seems downright ungrateful to nit-pick..However..

Liverpool '01 is a very good video,the sound is excellent,the picture the sharpest I've ever seen, with some great close-ups of Bob and excellent panning of the band.
However the film is marred by a routine appearance of heads blocking the camera (at least once per song)which does tend to spoil the continuation of an otherwise perfect film.

On the musical side I don't think the performance is that great,certainly not essential.Bob's voice is very pinched and raw at times and he seems to be in a very idiosyncratic mood,laughing-scowling within the same song!! What exactly is bothering Bob during "Visions.." and "Leopard-Skin.."!! The biggest disappointment however is the fact that despite having two great guitar players at his disposal Bob insists on playing lead..on every song!..the same 3-note solo!! I think Charlie gets two solos all night..

When this film is good it's great.as for the performance that will come down to personal taste but I find it hard going at times..As always there are some highlights that make the night worthwhile..A brilliant "4th Time Around" (perhaps a nod to it's "Norwegian Wood" origins and the fact that Bob's in Liverpool) with Bob nailing the vocal..a really moving "Knockin'.." in the encores with a beautiful solo by Charlie..Oh the harmonies are great on "This Wheel.." as well..Great harmonica by Bob all night too..In conclusion..Top marks to the cameraman,shame about the heads!! ps apologies for both me(during my customary 'Stuck Inside Of Mobile' toilet break), and my mother(I cannot take her anywhere!),walking past the camera at various points!

Thanks to tangledupindylan for sending me this.

Reviewed by Bobfan1 on 23rd April 2006

Do you want to know why this disk is a must have. Get it!!! There is no better show than this. GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GET IT!!

I really like this show!!

Reviewed by Wilbur1985 on 14th May 2005

absolutely stunning work it doesnt get better than this one the guy who filmed this does tremendous work respect to him and to the dubbing guy during visions Bob seems unhappy with his guitar volume and he lets the sound guys know about it

must have

Reviewed by paul8 on 20th April 2005

WOW!! Great DVD. I haven't seen many (good) audience filmed concerts yet to compare this one to but it's just absolutely amazing. A bit shaky at times but mostly quite steady with a perfect view at the band and lots of close-ups on Bob. At the beginning of the second disc there is even a closeup on the Oscar, Bob won in 2000, which is standing on stage behind the band.
As far as audio quality is concerned, what do I have to give you more than the fact that it's from the Crystal Cat release of the show? Great quality as always.
Easy review this time, 5 stars (at least ;-). I can really recommend this video. Especially if you like the 2001 concerts (as I do) this is definitely a must have.

Reviewed by martin84 on 25th March 2005