DVDylan ID: D189
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Amherst, MA
Date: Thursday, 18th November 1999

A wonderful show, the last of this leg of the Dylan/Lesh tour. The guest appearences by Jorma, WH, Phil, are wonderful, as is Phil's solo on Friend of the Devil sez this old and in the way Deadhead.

Highlights must include one of the best (complete??!!) performances of Highlands ever, and this DVD confirms my memory of TG's big grin and applause at the end of this performance.

This DVD captures the fun and warm vibe of this gig, and is a great example of the 99 tour in full swing.

strongly recommended!

Reviewed by jman on 25th January 2006

A great DVD! The only downside is that the video transfer didn't go great. The picture wavers slightly at times, and occasionally drops out more or less altogether. This is a shame because this was a GREAT recording. I have a VHS copy I got in 2000 and while the color is a bit darker, it lacks the flutter and minor drop-outs present here. I'm guessing this just wasn't sourced off the master tape, or that the master tape has had some MAJOR degeneration.

Still, this is a very pleasant video. It's close and yet still does a good job of scanning the other musicians. Great Larry Campbell footage and for some funny reason, the audio mix is VERY heavy on Larry-- it's a good chance to see which songs he was playing lead on in '99.

I love the disc, you will too. Of course, I loved 1999, so I could be biased.

Reviewed by Joe1235 on 27th May 2004