DVDylan ID: D188.su2
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA/First Union Spectrum
Date: Saturday, 17th November 2001

A few impressions of this one:

-Video and Audio quality are quite wonderful, no complaints what so ever. Lush colors, sharp picture, full and rich audio.

-Ray, Tom, OTL, and Yassou together have transformed the database as regards ~1998 through -2002. For the very best DVDylan experience around you can count on these credits as the mark of quality.

-Very slight loss of A/V sync for a few moments here and there. Not very disturbing.

-Wonderful sources, transfer and authoring, but not the most inspired performance of the tour. A bit work=a=day overall.

For quality of sources, authoring, and transfer this is a 5/5. Add in the performance and I give it a 'high' 4.

Thanks to everyone who made this item available, to Vygi, and to Dylan and the Band.

Reviewed by jman on 10th January 2010