DVDylan ID: D182.pal
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Brixton Academy, London, UK
Date: Friday, 31st March 1995

D182 is ranked highly in the "Highlights" section of the website, but this is probably the one you want because it has the fuller, better sound of the two.

Unfortunately, there are many items in the catalog that are better than related items in the "Highlights" section. Thus, if you're a new user, you would do well to dig more deeply into the catalog before soliciting certain disks.

Reviewed by yassou on 14th February 2011


Just a couple of years ago I was a 'casual' Dylan fan, having listened to little more than his widely regarded 60's and 70's classics. My attitude on the NET specifically was one of indifference; on the basis of a few crappy YouTube videos, I disregarded it as a piece of Dylan I had no need of knowing. That is... until I came across a clip of 3/31/95's Seņor, swiftly obtained D182, and have been traveling Bobwards ever since. The journey has been an incredible one, one which has changed the very way I listen to music.

Apparently I wasn't the only Dylan listener mesmerized by his 3/31/95 show, as (currently) D182 sits comfortably atop DVDylan's list of highest-rated Audience Videos. Well D182, get ready to move over, as there's a new DVD in town... D182.pal, another work of Yass's ever-amazing production process. But D182 was already a fantastic video in its original forms, with a legendary performance to match, so how much better could this new version be? Let's take a look at the main differences:

VIDEO: First, I applaud his choice of the 'Rip This Joint' PAL source-video to upgrade with. It may not be quite as 'sharp' as the recently-circulating Hoarders Inc. version, but that turns out to be a strength of the PAL video. It has an analog warmth that improves over the edgy digital distortion of other D182s I've seen. The contrast is also clearer, resulting in a film more life-like than before.

AUDIO: D182.pal's audio is also a revelation. D182's soundtrack was no slump either, but it just didn't have the exceptional clarity and presence of the new upgrade. Also, the static distortion on some loud parts (Bob's wailings, Watson's cymbal crashes) is gone without a trace.

OTHER: As usual, Yass has also made numerous other delicate improvements, detailed in the 'technical info' above. This includes using improved transitions rather than the fadeouts on most D182s, and usage of slides to fix errors both small and big... such as restoring the beginning of Shelter, and patching a good portion of Baby Blue previously blacked out.

I have to admit, I might be a little overenthusiastic about this upgrade. It's not like we're witnessing shit turn into gold, after all. On both D182 and D182.pal, you will witness a Bob Dylan possessed by the music, delivering vocal performances and harp solos as if his life depends on it. You will see the important sideman role J.J. Jackson played, and you will hear how Bob's '93-'96 band gave him musical backing to die for. But I do still believe my excitement is justified, as D182.pal makes this classic concert that much easier to hear and see... that much easier to get lost in. And that's worth seeking out this upgrade, in my opinion.

I'd like to thank the tapers for their timeless work, Yass for his work on this improved video, and Jim50 for his invaluable reviews.

NOTE: There are two versions of this upgrade, D182.pal 1 and D182.pal 2. Both are officially called "D182.pal" because an extra number couldn't be added to the name. Both use the same video source, but are upgraded with different audio sources. Upon comparing samples of both, I myself would recommend D182.pal 1 as having the fuller, better sound of the two.

Reviewed by iRua on 16th December 2008